IWel Health Inc. manufactures and markets advanced continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology.  Our production facility is located in a beautiful corporate park in Exton, PA.

Glucose monitoring is extremely crucial for diabetic patients.  However, the traditional finger-pricking method is not only painful, and inconvenient but also has limited clinical value due to its single-point reading.  More and more patients including most Type I patients have transitioned to the new CGM technology due to significant clinical benefits.  It has shown that application of CGM technology not only leads a much better treatment regimen from treating doctors and also reduces adverse events due to its trigger and alert functions as a result of continuous monitoring.

IWel CGM technology provides shorter, thinner sensors and a smaller transmitter, with the receiver on your own iPhone or Android phone, or smartwatch, no need for another receiver. IWel’s CGM device still works well-playing sports and even taking showers.