Glutalor Medical Announces EU Patent on its Glucose CGM Technology Granted

Glutalor Medical announces one of its EU Patent applications related to its glucose CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) technology has been granted. Their patent application ” CONTINUOUS GLUCOSE MONITORING SYSTEM AND MONITORING TERMINAL” was granted in June 2020. This new patent adds to Glutalor’s glucose monitoring patent portfolio which two CGM patents were granted in Japan earlier.… Read the rest

Glutalor Medical Announces ISO13485 Certification for Its CGM Sensor Manufacture

Glutalor Medical Announces ISO 13485 Certification for Its CGM Sensor Manufacture

EXTON, PA. (PRWEB) JUNE 11, 2020

Glutalor Medical, a medical technology company focused on the development and manufacturing of continuous glucose monitoring devices (CGM), announced today that the Company has satisfied the requirements for ISO 13485 certification for its medical device and quality management systems.… Read the rest