Frequently Asked Questions

What’s information does a CGM device provide?

A Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) provides real-time information about a person’s blood glucose levels throughout the day and night continuously. Here’s the kind of information it typically provides – continuous blood glucose monitoring, blood glucose trends, alerts and alarms, historical data, and remote monitoring.

Who could benefit from using a CGM?

Besides diabetes patients who are on insulin treatment, more and more people are using it for general metabolic health applications, such as Type 2 diabetes not on insulin, prediabetes, weight loss, athletes and active individuals.

Is your CGM approved by regulatory authorities?

One of our CGM model is approved for diabetes in Europe. Our latest disposable model is designed for over-the counter general applications.

How could I access to your CGM now?

You could join one of our studies to evaluate how our CGM improve your metabolic health in general.

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